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Re: accessing accidentals with \tweak

From: Neil Puttock
Subject: Re: accessing accidentals with \tweak
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 21:54:07 +0100

2009/7/14 Mark Polesky <address@hidden>:

> 1) are the results of this technique undefined? Was it just luck
>   that these worked?

Of course not.  You're just accessing the accidental indirectly.

Perhaps we should amend the documentation for \tweak: it can't be used
to modify stems, beams or accidentals *directly*.

> 2) This seems so kludgy. I presume I can only access the
>   NoteHead's 'accidental-grob property through its standard
>   settings (duration-log, stem-attachment, stencil, X-offset, and
>   Y-offset). I wish I could do something like this instead (this
>   of course doesn't work) ---

You can use any property which NoteHead supports (via its interfaces).

>   This would imply that I could make up my own dummy property and
>   it would (magically) have access to the note-head-interface
>   internal properties. Then I wouldn't have to bother making sure
>   I return the correct value for whatever standard setting I'm
>   abusing (stencil in the above case). Besides, I'd want to be
>   able to tweak that standard setting independently. As a
>   compromise, I considered the possibility of actually
>   implementing a 'dummy property, but I don't think that would
>   work either, because each subsequent call to \tweak #'dummy
>   would override the previous one (for a given note).


For accidentals, you'll have to use 'before-line-breaking, so it
catches them before space has been reserved.


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