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[LilyPond Translations] important infrastructure changes

From: John Mandereau
Subject: [LilyPond Translations] important infrastructure changes
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2009 21:20:01 +0200

Dear translators of LilyPond documentation and web site,

There has been deep changes in documentation directory structure and in
the build infrastructure during the past days, including node names and
section titles translation in Texinfo sources, and LilyPond will have a
new web site in one or two months, written in Texinfo, so all this
deserves well an information email.


First, let me inform you on the documentation, which is important in
case you couldn't follow heavy traffic on -devel list.

I have updated the Contributors' Guide, and I expect you to read
"Translating the documentation", and especially carefully read
"Translating the Learning Manual and other Texinfo documentation" before
doing any work on the documentation, regardless of your experience in
this task.

A lot of maintenance scripts are no longer effective or are even broken.
In particular, check-translation is not able.  This is a good excuse to
check that all the docs that were claimed as up-to-date are effectively
up to date; in this case I'll disable translation status until you have
completed this very long check.  If you really do not want to do this,
which I can understand, I can set in stone all path renames into to make it work as if there had been no renaming;
the only concern is that it takes some time to code, which would delay
other very important infrastructure changes, so I'll work on it only if
translators from two different languages ask for this.

As for other maintenance scripts, I am writing a Texinfo parser in
Python so you, developers and documentation writers stop getting bogged
by maintenance scripts that manipulate Texinfo documents without parsing
them.  I know this is a crazy idea, but I have estimated this will be
less work than modularizing Texi2html rewriting all maintenance scripts
in Perl, and this can possibly benefit to lilypond-book on a long-term
persepctive.  I hope to get the parser done and all maintenance scripts
effective again by the end of August, maybe sooner.

If you have any difficulty or simply don't know how to 
proceed even after having read the CG with converting and/or
documentation source files you modified locally, please ask me in a
private email, I offer to convert your whole working tree whatever the
state of your work and send it you back if necessary, which is quite
fair as I put the documentation sources quite upside-down in only a few
days and have enough time to give much assistance in the next two weeks.


A draft of the new web site will be added as a Texinfo document in
master branch quite soon, Graham and/or I will inform you with an email
on lilypond-devel list as soon as some parts of it are ready to be
translated.  I think is reasonable to put the web site online when the
parts that will be marked with priority 1 are translated in all
languages which have translators that start actively working on it
before the end of August.

Please make any comment, suggestion, objection or question as you wish,
either publicly or privately.

Best regards,
John Mandereau
LilyPond translations meister

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