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Fixing cyrillic glyphs of Century Schoolbook font

From: Alexander Sapozhnikov
Subject: Fixing cyrillic glyphs of Century Schoolbook font
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 13:55:11 +0600


Some cyrillic glyphs in Century Schoolbook L font (and in TeXGyreSchola too) are
ugly: they have strong difference from font "Shkolnaya" which described by
Soviet standard GOST 3489.23-71 and from some Schoolbook TrueType/OpenType

I made changes in my local Century Schoolbook Roman font:
some letters was fixed (cyrillic De, de, Zhe, zhe, Ze, ze, I short, i short,
Ka, ka, El, el, em, e, ya, U shoft, u short and some derivatives of Ka and Zhe),
some letters was added (cyrillic Yat, yat).

I will fix other style fonts too: all of them (Bold, Italic and Bold Italic)
have same problems with cyrillic glyphs.

I want to publish these changes. It seems these fonts come from Ghostscript.
Can I post changes files or diffs here
or should I contact with developers of Ghostscript?

Alexander Sapozhnikov

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