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Re: Broken refs

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: Broken refs
Date: Thu, 06 Aug 2009 13:06:20 +0200

Le jeudi 06 août 2009 à 11:35 +0100, Trevor Daniels a écrit :
> > Not until we have @rweb or @rgeneral or whatever it gets called.
> > At least, that's what the @ref{Setup for MacOS X} are waiting for.
> > I admit that I could fix the @rprogram{LilyPond-book} link right
> > now if it was a priority.

Adding cross-references macros in macros.itexi should work out of the
box for HTML splitted pages and Info.  For other formats, it will
require some xref->@uref hacky conversion, as I think a web site in one
big HTML or single PDF page doesn't make much sense, does it?

> It's a python program.  I could send it to
> you, but I didn't write it for general use
> so I'm not too keen on adding it to the source
> tree without some tidying up.  There are a
> few cludges to get round the lack of machine-
> generated files in the docs.  John's got
> enough to do at the moment.  I run it every
> time I edit the docs, so I'm happy to continue
> fixing broken links as they appear.

Have you tried building docs inside the source tree, then cd into
Documentation/ and run

make check-xrefs


make fix-xrefs


It's currently broken for translations, but it seems to work for docs in
English, e.g. "make check-xrefs" gives


../scripts/auxiliar/ --batch \
        -I . -I /home/lilydev/git/lily/master/Documentation/out-www
-I /home/lilydev/git/lily/master/Documentation/snippets
-I /home/lilydev/git/lily/master/Documentation/snippets/out-www 
Reading files...
Processing manual ./notation.tely (ruser)
Processing manual ./out-www/internals.texi (rinternals)
Processing manual ./application.tely (rprogram)
Processing manual ./learning.tely (rlearning)
Processing manual ./music-glossary.tely (rglos)
Processing manual ./snippets.tely (rlsr)
Checking cross-references...

./notation/notation-appendices.itely: 939: `Fonts': external ruser x-ref
should be internal

./notation/notation-appendices.itely: 940: `Text encoding': external
ruser x-ref should be internal

./notation/notation-appendices.itely: 981: `Layout interfaces': external
ruser x-ref should be internal
Done: 7137 x-refs found, 3 bad x-refs found, fixed 0.


These 3 nits should be fixed automatically by fix-xrefs BTW.


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