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HTML formatting for *all* LSR snippets descriptions?

From: Valentin Villenave
Subject: HTML formatting for *all* LSR snippets descriptions?
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2009 22:45:59 +0200

Greetings everybody,

Currently, the LSR offers three options for snippets descriptions formatting:
 - Pure Unicode text
 - Full HTML
 - HTML fragment

`Full HTML' is not used in any snippet.
`HTML fragment' is used in most of the snippets; when generating the
doc-snippets, tags are automatically converted into texinfo:
<code></code> becomes @code{}, <q></q> becomes @qq{} (Seba has just
implemented this one, and I've rewritten all snippets accordingly, as
Werner asked).
`Pure Unicode' is sometimes used, but I think we shouldn't recommend
it any longer, since such (lack of) formatting doesn't meet our
documentation-writing guidelines. Besides, any user who want to write
plain text can do so in HTML too.

So, I'm thinking that we'd better junk these pseudo-options, and ask
Seba to make HTML formatting allowed in all snippet descriptions.



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