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Re: Switching to Waf instead of SCons?

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: Switching to Waf instead of SCons?
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 23:10:13 +0200

Le mardi 08 septembre 2009 à 19:53 +0100, Graham Percival a écrit :
> The most important two factors, in my mind, are "how interested
> are you?" (very interested), and "will you have enough time to
> finish it?".  I'm not so concerned about using waf for everything,
> but do you think you can get the docs using waf before you become
> busy again?

I hope so.  I read through the Waf book and put a quick draft of a
migration plan at
This plan mainly aims at helping me putting ideas in good order and
informing you of the goals and progress of the migration, but it would
be wonderful if it could also motivate some developers to help with this
migration :-)
You'll see my first experiments on dev/waf branch when I push it (I
haven't really started any development yet).

> If somebody is interested in it and is willing
> to spend time working with the waf developers, great!  I think the
> texi2html work last year was very useful, both for us and
> texi2html.

I'm not sure.  If Waf proves to be well-designed enough so that all
we'll have to do is writing Waf tools to support builds that use
Texinfo, LilyPond executables, Metafont and a few other custom building
tools we have, then using these tools and Waf tools provided for C++ and
Python scripts in wscripts.

> I absolutely do not want to have a half-completed switch to waf 
> for documentation.
> But I don't want to end up fumbling around in waf
> because no active developers are familiar with it.

Is this complaint an attempt at discouraging us from switching to
another build system?  Our current build system for the documentation
sucks so much that even a half-finished set of Waf tools and wscripts
will provide better building conditions.  If the new build system with
Waf proves to be maintainable, you'll have little difficulty to
"fumbling around" in it even if it's still a draft :-)


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