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Re: Overview of copyright issues

From: Joseph Wakeling
Subject: Re: Overview of copyright issues
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 10:19:36 +0200
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Carl Sorensen wrote:
> Amen to that.  If only they had made some kind of an accomodation clause
> that would have allowed projects with mixed v2 and v3 licenses to go
> forward, as long as the v3 license terms were followed on the combined
> package (e.g. no tivoization, and following the patent stuff).  But they
> don't.

There was no way they could have done that, unfortunately. :-(  It's not
a matter of GPLv3 accommodating GPLv2 but the other way round -- GPLv2
has a 'no additional clauses' requirement and GPLv3 applies ...
additional clauses.

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