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Errors in Documentation/snippets

From: Marc Hohl
Subject: Errors in Documentation/snippets
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 16:05:22 +0200
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glad to see that 2.13.4 is out!

However, by clicking through the docs, I found some errors on

1) Guitar slides:

Here the ledger lines are still visible. Moreover, guitar notation is generally
notated with \clef "treble_8".

%% Hide fret number: useful to draw slide into/from a casual point of
%% the fretboard.
hideFretNumber = { \once \override TabNoteHead #'transparent = ##t
\once \override NoteHead #'transparent = ##t
\once \override Stem #'transparent = ##t
\once \override NoteHead #'no-ledgers = ##t %%%<- should be added

music= \relative c' {
\grace { \hideFretNumber d8\2 \glissando s2 } g2\2
\grace { \hideFretNumber g8\2 \glissando s2 } d2 |

\grace { \hideFretNumber c,8 \glissando s } f4\5^\markup \tiny "Slide into"
\grace { \hideFretNumber f8 \glissando s } a4\4
\grace { \hideFretNumber e'8\3 \glissando s } b4\3^\markup \tiny "Slide from"
\grace { \hideFretNumber b'8 \glissando s2 } g4 |

\score {
\new Staff {
\clef "G_8" %%%<_ should be added
\new TabStaff {


2) Modern TAB text clef

I don't know whether this snippet is still needed because since 2.13.4 we have
\clef "moderntab" as an option, so no markup constructs are necessary.
If this example should stay, it can simply be achieved by:

\new TabStaff {
\clef "moderntab"

If there is a consensus whether 2) should be deleted or changed, I can create a small patch for this.


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