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Re: documentation: unreadable html tables

From: -Eluze
Subject: Re: documentation: unreadable html tables
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2009 07:18:54 -0700 (PDT)

Graham Percival-3 wrote:
> The languages involved are perl, texinfo, and html.  In
> particular, the documentation is written in texinfo; a perl script
> (called texi2html) interprets the texinfo files, and outputs html.
i have some experience with html; texinfo and perl are fully new to me!
furthermore i am working on windows - hope this is not a problem!?

> The first step is to reproduce the problem in a small example.
> Try making a tiny texinfo file, which contains the same kind of
> table as in pitches.itely.  I think it's a @multitable, but I'm
> not 100% certain.
i will need to know where i can download this file from!

> Verify that running texi2html 1.82 on your tiny texinfo file
> produces the bad output.  Then have a look at the output and see
> what exactly you want to change -- is it just removing the <p>
> tags?  Would it look better if there was some <table> attribute
> being set?  etc.
> Then you need to figure out how to get texi2html to produce the
> output you want to see.  As it happens, texi2html is relatively
> easy to extend (it's in perl, you can replace any of its built-in
> fuctions easily, etc).  We *could* just add a special "overriding"
> function to our texi2html init script, but in this case I'd
> recommend getting your fix integrated into texi2html itself.  This
> won't help us with 1.82, but when texi2html 1.84 comes out, it'll
> have the fix.
> I really hope that you'll take this up; we could really use
> somebody who's familiar with texi2html.  We have a few problems
> with our texi2html init scripts, and there's other parts of those
> scripts that work well, but I think other texi2html users could
> benefit from (like the sectioning-by-numbers), so it would be nice
> if we could send a patch for this upstream.
altogether i think it will take me some time to get familiar with these new
components and surroundings!
if anybody could advise a practical tutorial both for texinfo and perl this
could help a lot.

> If you're not familiar with perl... well, it's not as easy to
> learn as python, but I'd still say that it's on the "easy" side of
> programming languages.  It's much easier than scheme!  :)
> Cheers,
> - Graham

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