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Critical issues

From: Karl Hammar
Subject: Critical issues
Date: Wed, 12 May 2010 22:14:17 +0200 (CEST)

Graham complaind about 10 critical issues in the last lilypond report.


Issue  815: Enhancement: AJAX-powered search auto-completion for the online 

Why is this a critical issue for the lilypond release?


Issue 1080: Regression: bar lines in double bar are positioned too close 

"pnorcks" mentions commit 27a4d9354effb09c696925881ec4df007da8a0db
as a possible cause. Reverting part of that commit:

diff --git a/lily/ b/lily/
index d3f21e5..85b2e52 100644
--- a/lily/
+++ b/lily/
@@ -196,11 +196,9 @@ Bar_line::compound_barline (Grob *me, string str, Real h,
        should align to other side? this never appears
        on the system-start?
+      */
       m.add_at_edge (X_AXIS, RIGHT, thin, 0);
       m.add_at_edge (X_AXIS, RIGHT, thin, thinkern);
-      */
-      m.add_at_edge (X_AXIS, LEFT, thin, thinkern / 2);
-      m.add_at_edge (X_AXIS, RIGHT, thin, thinkern / 2);
   else if (str.find ("S") != NPOS || str == "|._.|")

gives me the attached grace-start result which resembles the 2.13.17 
result presented in the bug tracker.

What should we do about it?


Issue  989: ensure that no information is only in the regtests

Though Graham complain about this issue in the "report",
this seems to be taken by Valentin. He has a list at

What to do about it?
Shall we discuss individual items on the list?


Issue  915: Multi-measure rests dependent on prefatory matter in other staves

There seems to be a fix:
Do you need help testing the fix?


Issue 1031: constantly-changing input/regression/

If it is changes every time, what is the correct output?

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