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Great Experience!

From: Reinhold Kainhofer
Subject: Great Experience!
Date: Thu, 13 May 2010 00:07:12 +0200
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Dear all,

I'm a singer in the Wiener Singakademie[1] and two weeks from now we have a 
tour to Italy[2]. We'll be singing among others a little known piece by 
Torelli, for which we were told that the score would have to be typeset for us 
because it has never been published.

So, today was our first rehearsal, and when we got the score I expected the 
worst, having seen other newly typeset scores with other applications. But: 
The score that we got looked just perfect -- not only professional, but really 
perfect and ready for printing by any publishing house. 

I got really jealous how any other notation software could produce so good-
looking scores.
The figured bass looked exactly like lilypond, but judging from the lyrics 
font and the position of the tempo markings, it didn't look like LilyPond, 
which made me even more jealous...

And then I got the final page, and there it was:

    "Music engraving by LilyPond 2.12.3 --
     Engraver Gianluca D'Orazio -- address@hidden"

WOW! You can't image what it feels like to be surprised like this in such a 
prefessional surrounding! I mean, that is the application we are all working 
on. And as this example shows, LilyPond can not only compete at this topmost 
level, it really beats anything else!

So, Kudos to you all who worked on LilyPond and made it into the professional 
engraving application it is now!

Thank you all for such a great experience,

[1] That's the choir of the Vienna concert house 
( ) -- a really good choir. For example, our 
last concert two weeks ago was with the Vienna Symphony directed by Georges 
PrĂȘtre (the conductor of the famous New year's concert)... Other concerts this 
year were with the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra Moscow and V. Fedosejev, 
some radio broadcasts with the Radio Symphony Orchestra and Bertrand de Billy 
etc. (You can look up these conductors at Wikipedia if you don't know them 

[2] Two concerts in Verona and Padova:
See the final entries at
Or the concert calendar of the festival:

Reinhold Kainhofer, address@hidden,
 * Financial & Actuarial Math., Vienna Univ. of Technology, Austria
 *, DVR: 0005886
 * LilyPond, Music typesetting,

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