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security patch for font stuff might have broken doc build

From: Graham Percival
Subject: security patch for font stuff might have broken doc build
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2010 13:23:54 +0100

A few days ago, I did a security update on ubuntu 9.04 (the current
lilypond build machine).  I'm not certain if I did any security
updates since early July -- I was mostly away for this period.

I'm now seeing tons of failed files in the doc build; I'm not certain
if *any* of them are passing.  I cannot even build git tag
release/2.13.30-1, and I am dead certain that I could built that a
week ago, and I've built git master after that point (but before doing
this security update).

Does anybody else see a similar thing?

I suspect one of these:
or this one:
(the debian notices are formatted better)

Poking around in the log files showed various children with errors,
but trying to run those commands manually produces warnings that
foo.png.old don't exist.  Does anybody else see this, or am I going

I probably won't be able to investigate more until Tuesday.

- Graham

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