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Re: Doc: More NR and LM additions based on user emails (issue3705042)

From: Carl . D . Sorensen
Subject: Re: Doc: More NR and LM additions based on user emails (issue3705042)
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2010 14:45:14 +0000

I like it, and think it's ready for pushing.

Just for purposes of clarification, let me summarize the original
problem, since I didn't do a good job before.

The syntax of alternative is:

\alternative {


\alternative {
  { ending_one }
  { ending_two }
  { ending_three }

So when somebody enters

\alternative {
  { c4 c c c} |
  { d4 d d d}

they are getting three endings:

{c4 c c c} for the first ending
|  for the second ending
{d4 d d d} for the third ending

If this follows  \repeat volta 2 { }, the third ending (intended second
ending) will never be printed.

So if somebody has the problem above, they're confused in one of two
ways, as far as I can tell:

1) They don't understand that a bar check is a music expression
2) They think the braces are part of the basic alternative construct,
rather than part of the alternative music expressions

What's the best way to clarify?  I'm not sure.  But the current patch
works, because it's always fine to have each alternative enclosed in
braces, even if it's only a single note.

So I'm happy with the current patch.



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