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Re: DOC: NR Dynamics context and postfix dynamics (issue3743045)

From: tdanielsmusic
Subject: Re: DOC: NR Dynamics context and postfix dynamics (issue3743045)
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2010 22:58:18 +0000

My comments on the two discussion points below.
File Documentation/notation/expressive.itely (right):
Documentation/notation/expressive.itely:366: Textual crescendo marks
begin with @code{\cresc}
I have to agree with Keith here - the manual will be more helpful if we
simply say what terminates a text crescendo rather than expecting the
reader to work it out.  A reference manual should be a source of
accurate and complete information that can be retrieved easily and
quickly, not a puzzle that has to be worked out and which still leaves
the reader wondering if anything else might be a termination.
Documentation/notation/expressive.itely:392: Textual marks can also be
produced by @code{\<} and @code{\>}:
I don't object to saying "deprecated".

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