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2.13.44 regtests - initial look

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: 2.13.44 regtests - initial look
Date: Sun, 26 Dec 2010 12:08:49 -0000

Looks good.

Main difference between .43 and .44 is the fitting of systems to the page. In particular:

page-breaking-good-estimation.log: "-Fitting music on 1 or 2 pages... +Fitting music on 1 page...". Given that the description is "In particular, everything should fit on one page here" this is a step forward - however, in practice .44 still outputs 2 pages and so this is still a bug.

paper-twosided.log, paper-twosided-bcorr.log, landscape.log all report that they're likely to produce fewer pages. In practice, the paper-two* tests still use the same number of pages, but with less output on the final page. Landscape fits all the output on 3 pages rather than 4. is supposed to use a single page, using "systems-per-page = 3". This did not work in .43 and now works in .44.

Full pixel-by-pixel report once I've left the PC over lunch.

Phil Holmes
Bug Squad

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