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Re: Change stringTunings entries from semitones to pitches (issue3842041

From: Marc Hohl
Subject: Re: Change stringTunings entries from semitones to pitches (issue3842041)
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2010 19:22:50 +0100
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Am 29.12.2010 06:18, schrieb address@hidden:

The order for the chord entry was requested by the users.  Chords are
entered lowest note first.

Yes, but were the users right?  I would have asked for that order of
entry, too, but would have changed my mind for fear of bugs when
reminded that the old way to specify tuning was in order of string
numbering.  (Bugs made by me in my .ly files, that is)
If you found this reversal not too error-prone, then maybe the users
were right.
At first sight, I thought that it would be better to use a input method
that resembles the string numbering (i.e. first pitch -> first string).
But for duitar, there is a tuning (from low to high) called DADgad, and
whether correct or not, there are some book concerning this kind of
tuning, and the tuning is always called "DADgad", not "dagDAD".
So I think this is more consistent with the normal practice.

Just my 2ct ...



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