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Re: fine-tuning new flags - feedback needed

From: Janek Warchoł
Subject: Re: fine-tuning new flags - feedback needed
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2011 15:10:49 +0100

2011/2/6 Janek Warchoł <address@hidden>:
> Carl Sorensen wrote:
>> Once you get to that point, just hit the escape key, then type :wq.
>> You are in vim, or some equivalent editor.
> I heard about vim...
> Yeah, so now i've experienced the Vim Joke and i have to admit that i
> fulfill the Vim hypothesis: i've generated random string trying to
> exit the program. :P
> Frankly, i'd prefer some sort of warning there... "Beware! For thou
> hath stepped on the quicksands of Vim" or something like that :)

Now i see that there is a warning about vim, only it's somewhere else
(CG 3.3.4 "commit messages"), not in "uploading patch for review".
Sorry for whining.

>> You're most of the way there, and you're a strong contributor.  But if you'd
>> prefer, I'll be happy to post the patch for you.
> I've succeded thanks to your help :)
> Here is the link:

Oops, looks like i forgot to announce the patch...
I'm doing it now.

> 2011/2/5 Han-Wen Nienhuys <address@hidden>:
>> * For the longer (8th, 16th), it trades some voloptuousness for
>> practicality.  I think the overall feel of feta is more on the
>> exuberant side, so I think we could lessen the effect there, and
>> lengthen the hooks a bit more.
> I'm not sure if i understand what effect you want to achieve. From my
> experiments it looks like it won't work well, though. I'll post some
> examples tomorrow.

Do you mean something like this?
I'd say that 8th and 16th hooks are too pronounced now (i think that's
what Carl called "squat and blocky" 8th flag). In my opinion the
previous version was optimal, however a compromise between previous
version and this one may be acceptable.

>>> (as for the c++ code - i'm totally aware that it needs improvement.
>> Can you look in define-grobs.scm ?  I didn't look closely, but I
>> suspect a lot of the things you are hard-coding in C++ are actually
>> soft-coded in the details property; if not, we should work to softcode
>> them; it will make your experiments easier as well.
> Yes, i'll fix that.

Looks i've managed to fix this.
Now i have to deal with updating my commit...
When i run lily-git.tcl and Update Source, it says "Command returned
an error: child process exited abnormally. Check output text for
details" and the text in lily-git window says

Updating LilyPond...
|git --git-dir=/home/janek/lilypond-git/.git fetch origin 2>@1
|git --git-dir=/home/janek/lilypond-git/.git rebase origin/master 2>@1
cannot rebase: you have unstaged changes
M       lily/
M       scm/define-grobs.scm

I've tried doing this woithout lily-git (in command-line), but calling
  git pull -r
  lily/ needs update
  scm/define-grobs.scm: needs update
  refusing to pull with rebase: your working tree is not up-to-date
What shall i do now? I can copy modified files, delete whole
lilypond-git directory, download source again and make changes again,
but is there some better way?
Why is it not working? Is it because i didn't do it before making
changes in source files?


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