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Re: Making website build almost completely quiet (issue4515042)

From: percival . music . ca
Subject: Re: Making website build almost completely quiet (issue4515042)
Date: Sun, 15 May 2011 07:08:51 +0000

On 2011/05/14 15:56:33, PhilEHolmes wrote:
Replies to Graham's comments.  Not sure I've worked out how the review
site does
quoting yet, so apologies if this looks strange.

This looks fine.

Yeah - that's what I said in the comment on the review.  All the
changes are
with respect to the old base build, not my part-silent build - I guess
this is
because my previous change hadn't been pushed and I don't know how to
create a
review patch which is only the differences of the previous review

Your previous change has been pushed.  The "review patch" is created
automatically when you do git cl upload

... wait a moment, this is your previous patch.  Why are we still
discussing it?  Please close this issue, then comment on your newer
google code issue.

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