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Re: Making website build almost completely quiet (issue4515042)

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: Re: Making website build almost completely quiet (issue4515042)
Date: Wed, 25 May 2011 16:44:49 +0100

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Subject: Re: Making website build almost completely quiet (issue4515042)

could we get a subject like "add a -q quiet flag to make websit scripts"

I've given the patch set that name.  Is that OK?

Also, don't mention that it includes previous patches -- that's
implicitly done everywhere in git (or any source versioning system)

This was to the comment that it was repeating previous changes - I knew that - it was because the previous stuff hadn't been pushed.
File make/website.make (right):
IMO this stuff isn't security -- could you move it elsewhere in the

Moved it down.

Also, could you move the quiet-run = true  up so that it's in the same
"paragraph" as the commented-out stuff?  Logically, setting
quiet-run=true is a separate stage from the quiet-flag.

Tricky. The only way to do this is to move it above the comment that describes it. As it is, we have a "not used but available if you uncomment" paragraph and a "does the quiet business" paragraph. I think this is OK.
File scripts/build/ (right):
scripts/build/ quiet_flag = ''
the lilypond python style is to use 4 spaces per indent.

Sorry.  Using gedit defaults.  Now corrected.

Phil Holmes

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