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Re: suspended whole notes - possibly a defect, please give your opinions

From: Jan Warchoł
Subject: Re: suspended whole notes - possibly a defect, please give your opinions
Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2011 22:15:59 +0200

2011/8/5 Keith OHara <address@hidden>:
> Janek Warchoł <lemniskata.bernoullego <at>> writes:
>> Good example!  It reminded me that usually there are less suspended
>> notes in a chord than normal ones (i.e. in your example the third pair
>> consists of chords with two normal notes and one suspended).  Because
>> of that it is indeed better not to "align horizontally" such note
>> columns (in other words, last two measures from attached example are
>> typeset correctly indeed).
> Yes, it is good that Lilypond aligns horizontally the main note columns,
> as opposed to the suspended note-heads.
> Maybe you would like to have the suspended whole-note-heads always to the
> right of the main note column.  Right now, LilyPond, suspends a whole-note
> head on the same side as she would suspend it in a stemmed chord of the
> same pitches.  This is consistent, but maybe this particular consistency is
> not helpful to the reader.

I'm still wondering about it.  I'm curious whether there is a lot of
variation between engraving books and publications in this matter.

>> However, i'm unsure about the unequal measure length in that example.
> Lilypond tries to keep consistent space from the /main/ column of note heads
> to the end of the measure.  The extra space given to a suspended note-head
> causes the measure to be longer; so the patch I proposed for issue 1779 makes
> these measures equal length.

Yes, i'm looking at it and i'm still not sure how i'd like the output
to look like.


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