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Re: Adds a glyph for tied lyrics. (issue4808074)

From: Jean-Charles Malahieude
Subject: Re: Adds a glyph for tied lyrics. (issue4808074)
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2011 13:37:45 +0200
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Le 11/08/2011 13:16, Francisco Vila disait :
2011/8/11 Werner LEMBERG<address@hidden>:

An example is the second aria of Susanna in Mozart's `Le Nozze
di Figaro', bar 16:

f2     f8  e8       g8        c8

fin -- chè l'a -- "ria è an" -- cor

Almost all singers I've met during my work as a coach have
problems if they sing it the first time :-)

That makes four vowels! i+a+e+a

Yes :-) Since this is completely unexpected (and I don't know any
other work of Mozart with a similar situation), people are
stumbling there.

are two different instances of 'ioa' but they come from two
words, not three.  First "-- gio~a" , then "Dio~a".

No lyric ties either...

So your view is that lyric ties are not used in the real world?  I
still feel them as a pedagogy resource for young musicians or
something.  Or maybe old scores did not use them and they are now
more often used. I don't know.

The first time I've seen tied syllables was in English engravings, but
I'm unable to mention where.


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