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Re: Adds a glyph for tied lyrics. (issue4808074)

From: bordage . bertrand
Subject: Re: Adds a glyph for tied lyrics. (issue4808074)
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2011 11:50:46 +0000

I forgot these cases (o~è~in; a~è~in; o~è~an...).  They are often elided
("quest'in" instead of "questa~è~in") by editors and composers.

So your view is that lyric ties are not used in the real world?  I
still feel them as a pedagogy resource for young musicians or
something.  Or maybe old scores did not use them and they are now more
often used. I don't know.

Several famous editors use them, with no particular rule.
Let's take the example of Ricordi Milano.

In this score, published around 1982, there's no ties (we can see a "na
è in" in the beginning):

In this one, published around 1925, we can find ties (and it's not a
beginner score!):

In every recent score I have from them, they always use ties. Those
which were done using traditional engraving as those using Finale.

I will have to do a better patch...

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