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Re: Fixes missing images in big website page (issue 4964041)

From: PhilEHolmes
Subject: Re: Fixes missing images in big website page (issue 4964041)
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2011 09:55:25 +0000

This may be a repeat of what's in my reply, but two places is better
than none?

I'm trying to get rid of the hard-coded languages in website build, so
that making changes to the language list involves only a single change
in the source files, rather than multiple ones.  This is issue 1795 (but
see a comment I'll be making there later today, after further checking).
 I'll try to get the full website-build working later today.  FWIW the
not-quite-full website build (i.e. the standard one most people would
run) does work fine.
File make/website.make (right):
make/website.make:57: ### only update this when the language compiles
I wasn't ignoring the comment.  I read it as saying that we should only
add a language to the list when it compiles clean.  Perhaps this warning
should be added to
File scripts/build/ (right):
scripts/build/ import langdefs
Yes.  In truth I'm not sure why, but this runs quite happily with make
website.  It will not run if you try to run
from the command line, so there must be paths added during the make.

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