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Abandoned patch countdown 20111003

From: Colin Campbell
Subject: Abandoned patch countdown 20111003
Date: Sat, 01 Oct 2011 19:16:51 -0600
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Here is a list of patches which have had no changes for four weeks or more.  I propose to mark them abandoned on Monday, unless their status changes.  If you update your patches, they should be marked New, to trigger the review process.  If you agree that the patch is abandoned, you should probably close your Rietveld item as well.

Issue 1729: Set spanner length as a spanner property - R 4641085
Issue 1435: [PATCH] PartCombine: Keep track of the state in the Part_combine_engraver (issue3334043)
Issue 1727: Adds glissando stems to lilypond - R 4661061
Issue 1693: Attaches bound info to beam for better normalized-endpoint calculations - R 4605047
Issue 1567: Add documentation for footnotes
Issue 1063: Reverting nested property fails to restore default value if preceded by override in same grob
Issue 1506: \tempo after StopStaff/StartStaff forces extension of staff symbol
Issue 1417: regtests "time" field is broken
Issue 39: collision flag notehead with polyphony
ssue 706: ledger lines should take simultaneous notes' accidentals into account
Issue 737: Enhancement: support for footnotes and/or endnotes.

Several of the above may be duplicates or near-duplicates of existing or closed issues;  I'm a bit under the weather today, and not confident of tracking them all down.


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