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Re: Glyphs for Kievan Notation (issue 4951062)

From: bordage . bertrand
Subject: Re: Glyphs for Kievan Notation (issue 4951062)
Date: Fri, 07 Oct 2011 10:29:15 +0000

Here's the second part of my review.  I saw that kievan notation has
beams, contrary to what I thought.  If you're intrepid, you can also try
to implement the kievan beaming parameters in you KievanVoice.

Hold on, it's the end!
File mf/ (right):
mf/ % TODO: merge this code with the above
Obviously, this must be done.  This is easy, you just have to define the
glyph and create two characters with it:

def draw_kievan_do_clef =
    z1 = [...]

fet_beginchar ([...]);

fet beginchar ([...]_change");
    % TODO: make a different glyph for changes, but
    % dunno what a kievan clef looks like in changes...
File mf/ (right):
mf/ fet_beginchar ("kievan half note (space
position)", "s1rkievan");
Still "sr1kievan".
File scm/output-lib.scm (right):
scm/output-lib.scm:101: (min 2
Maybe you could try to change "min 2" for "min 3" and remove what you
added before.  I'm totally unsure of that, we must check what's going on
downstream to be sure.
scm/output-lib.scm:595: (0 . "accidentals.vaticana0")
I guess there's no natural glyph in kievan notation since there is no
time signature and no accidental 'remembering'.  Can you confirm this?
Maybe we need to remove this line, then.  This will produce a warning
(but no crash) if one tries to use a natural in kievan style.

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