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Re: casual contributors

From: Colin Campbell
Subject: Re: casual contributors
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2012 06:36:43 -0600
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On 12-03-23 12:28 AM, Graham Percival wrote:

We need a *secretary*. We need a *paper pusher*. We need a trained monkey. I could even teach a first-year university student how to be a perfect Frog meister, and having taught for a few years you have no idea how low my opinion of those creatures are. We need somebody to say "thank you for your interest, please read this link to get your patch in the review stream", and then a few days later, to say "great, your patch has been accepted, please email me your final patch". You don't even need to have git push ability; if you take care of the administration, just send me the final patch for pushing. This has absolutely *nothing* to do with programming. I cannot emphasize how little I want from the frog meister, other than keeping up with email on a daily basis and looking at the countdown when it finishes three times a week.

I could take it on, Graham, especially if the countdown process gets automated. I read -user, -devel and -bug daily, to maintain context on patches, so helping newbs through the process shouldn't be too hard.

Colin "Ook ook" Campbell

... it is not enough to show that a situation is bad; it is also necessary to be reasonably certain that the problem has been properly described, fairly certain that the proposed remedy will improve it, and virtually certain that it will not make it worse. - Robert Conquest, (As quoted in _Basic Economics, A Citizen's Guide to the Economy_ by Thomas Sowell)

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