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Re: Update Rietveld patches

From: Benkő Pál
Subject: Re: Update Rietveld patches
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2012 08:10:42 +0200

Colin Campbell <address@hidden> írta (2012. április 2. 3:53):
> The items below are the result of a search on Rietveld for open items
> associated with the lilypond trunk.  In some cases, the tracker item has
> been closed, so the Rietveld item should also be closed.  In others, work
> continues but it would be good to cross-reference the tracker item in the
> Rietveld item summary or title.

> 5690055    2337     Pal Benko     avoid infinite loop                 fixed
> and verified, please close Rietveld

closed together with


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