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From: address@hidden
Subject: LoMuS
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2012 07:09:39 +0200

Hey all,

I've received a couple e-mails from colleagues and one nudge from Valentin about:

I've been reticent about applying because the development community is rather diffuse and there isn't any good way to accept the prize money if we win.  However, after having received now two e-mails from people who I respect a lot in the French computer music community, I think it'd be a good idea and that we should let institutional barriers stop us from applying.

I'm OK with writing up the application (due the 29th) but before I do, people would need to agree on where the prize money would go if we won.  My two thoughts are:

1) Use it internally on projects (i.e. we'd all agree that person X would get paid Z euros to do thing Y) in which case there'd have to be a money shepherd.  I'd rather not do this, but I can if no one else wants to.
2) Donate it to GNU.

I'd be good to set a precedent for this now so that LilyPond can apply to other software competitions in the future.


P.S. Sorry for the last-minuteness of this e-mail: I had sent it from address@hidden and it didn't go through.  I'll have to change e-mail addresses on the list...

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