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Re: Make \footnote work via \tweak (issue 6195098)

From: graham
Subject: Re: Make \footnote work via \tweak (issue 6195098)
Date: Fri, 18 May 2012 21:02:49 +0000

There are a few questionable things in the docs, but I gather that the
main point of this patch is the code change, so maybe it's ok to push
this patch anyway and fix the docs later.
File Documentation/notation/input.itely (right):
Could we get a @lilypond here?  All those @var{}s are going to turn away
some readers.  To quote somebody or other: "show, not tell.  If
necessary, show and tell".
Documentation/notation/input.itely:1057: @item offset
I'd prefer a newline before each @item other than the first one, but
that's kind-of nitpicking so I don't mind if you don't bother.
Documentation/notation/input.itely:1101: e\noBeam c4 d4
do we really need a \noBeam in here to confuse things?  IMO the example
would stand on its own without a noBeam, possibly after altering the
music to suit.
Documentation/notation/input.itely:1225: -\footnote
if this still refers to the a'4 then could it also be indented two
space?  If you want to show more indentation, then maybe add another two
spaces for the \markup that belongs to the \footnote?

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