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From: Thomas Morley
Subject: utf-8-strings
Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2012 09:57:07 +0200


together with Arnold I worked on a method how to compress or stretch a
text, limiting it to the space between characters, i.e. the letters
itself shouldn't be scaled.
(Comes out of a discussion at the german LilyPond-Forum: )

The difficulty is to achieve a functionality which turns a string into
a list of single strings and works with accented letters, german
Umlaute, non-europian fonts etc.
"áèçäöüテスト" → '("á" "è" "ç" "ä" "ö" "ü" "テ" "ス" "ト")

We're coming up with the attached code.

UNICODE is increasing, so the code needs updating from time to time.
Once LilyPond uses guile 2.0 the situation may be completely
different. (I've not a clue about guile 2.0)

What do you think?
Or let me ask different: Are there any objections to turn it into a patch?


P.S. Don't know whether Arnold has subcribed to -devel. So I cc him.

Description: Binary data

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