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Re: GOP2: 2 - Stable releases and roadmap (radical change)

From: Janek Warchoł
Subject: Re: GOP2: 2 - Stable releases and roadmap (radical change)
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2012 13:09:45 +0200


Keith, somehow i had overlooked this part of your email:

On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 7:33 AM, Keith OHara <address@hidden> wrote:
> For any changed test then, it is probably worth reading the header, to
> see if a subtle change that looks harmless happens to be the point of
> the test (and would presumably cause other trouble).

I was thinking about it, too (see "regtests about very small
differencies" thread on devel).  My conclusion is that using bigger
staff (or font) size should be a good solution: it makes the changes
more visible and immediately focuses reader's attention.  See commit

Oh, and there's one more thing about regtests that came to my mind: we
should perhaps have some sort of "special" category for regtests
requiring manual attention (example: issue 2656 concerns only
Windows).  Of course these tests would be ran seldom (only when a new
dev release happens perhaps?).


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