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Re: parenthesizeStencil and bracketifyStencil (issue 6397043)

From: janek . lilypond
Subject: Re: parenthesizeStencil and bracketifyStencil (issue 6397043)
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2012 12:11:09 +0000


this is really cool!

A few general remarks:
- is there a command to turn it off?
- there already is a command \parenthesize.  Your function seems to be
smarter (at least in some cases); would it be to combine them?  Having
two similar functions is confusing.
- i get a segmentation fault when i tried to parenthesize a NoteColumn.
- it produces bad results when used on stemmed NoteHead's. [1]
- there are unsymmetric results for dynamics:

\relative c' {
  \bracketifyStencil DynamicText
  c1\p c\mp c\mf c\f
\relative c' {
  \parenthesizeStencil DynamicText
  c1\p c\mp c\mf c\f

I'm quite sure they are caused by glyphs bounding boxes which are
inappropriate for this task.  Have you seen Mike's work on stencil
skylines (tracker 2148, Rietveld 5626052)?  I think that it would be
useful here.  See
("skylines demonstration (patchset 40)" to see what is it all about.

[1] introducing inner- and outer-extents should help here. I'm working
on introducing them, together with general_alignment method. See this
issue and linked message (it will take
some time to implement this fully, though).


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