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Makelsr and LSR updates

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: Makelsr and LSR updates
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2012 15:42:32 +0100

I've just pushed a couple of patches to staging - patchy is now running to move them to master.

The first updates the way the snippet lists are generated. It used to happen before the snippets themselves were generated, using a different method depending on whether it was a local or tarball update. I've changed this so now what happens is that the snippets are created in Documentation/snippets - either by a local run or a tarball run. These files are then iterated over to get the list files. It corrects faulty output in the -lists files in the previous version of makelsr and seems a more sensible way of creating these files.

The second puts the correct tags in the files in snippets/new. There were a number of errors.

I need to get both of these into master to do final checks on my "black bars" patch before pushing that.

Phil Holmes

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