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LilyPond developer&user meeting in Waltrop, August 24th to 28th

From: David Kastrup
Subject: LilyPond developer&user meeting in Waltrop, August 24th to 28th
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2012 22:40:30 +0200
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before further delaying the announcement due to minor issues (for
example, OpenStreetMap wants to have the meeting occur in an electrical
power transformer array), here is the web site with the information.
I'll add forgotten information by and by, but the important thing is to
get the travel information and the dates and give feedback about who
wants to come and when, and what sleeping arrangements should be made.

Location is Waltrop near Dortmund in Germany, date is August 24th to
28th.  Here is the web site, and the agenda for starters.



A number of core LilyPond contributors have agreed to come. Apart from
myself, Graham, Mike, possibly John, Valentin (?), Janek, Marc, Thomas
Morley will be present. Depending on their travel dates, I will try to
arrange workshops and discussion groups for particular topics. It is
likely that we will have more basic programming tutorials and exchanges
at the weekend to accommodate weekend travellers. We definitely should
get several people able to roll releases, and more able to run the
regression tests on issues.

Tutorial topics might be working on the parser, Scheme programming,
integrating Guile with C++, LilyPond architecture, advanced LilyPond
constructs (output definitions, contexts, translators, listeners,
\dots), Texinfo writing, productivity with Emacs.

Of course, performing music is also possible. I can offer a variety of
accordions (though only one with piano keys), a guitar and basic MIDI
and recording equipment. So it would also be an option to compare ways
of getting MIDI into LilyPond.

Of course, the common consumption of solid and liquid forms of
sustenance is also scheduled.

David Kastrup

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