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Re: Instrument names

From: Keith OHara
Subject: Re: Instrument names
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 02:32:42 +0000 (UTC)
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Phil Holmes <email <at>> writes:

> I've done the looking into the code that I can manage.  I know that indents 
> are worked in  This returns a linewidth 
> and an indent, with a normal indent when called with second parameter 0, 
> otherwise it's a short-indent.  So it would be easy to add something to the 
> indent here to take account of intrument names.
> The instrument name is created in  This makes a 
> Spanner *text_spanner_; with text_spanner_ = make_spanner ("InstrumentName", 
> So it appears that there is a Spanner called InstrumentName with the details 
> of the instrument name.  Is there any way of accessing this within 

The InstrumentName spanners can change when an instrument changes, or
whenever the user feels like changing the text.  The short-indent will
affect line breaking, which could affect which instrument name goes at
the front of each line.  Even if can find all the 
InstrumentName spanners, it is hard to know which ones to pull information

Maybe each Instrument_name_engraver, one for each staff, could push 
information to a central location.  I think there is some way for an 
engraver to refer to its Output_def, and call its set_variable().

Whenever an engraver sees a new (short)instrumentName (or maybe just
once upon initialization based on instrumentNames set in \with{} blocks)
the engraver could estimate the length of the text, in paper units, compare
to a layout variable 'instrument_name_length' or 'short_name_length' as 
appropriate, and overwrite that variable if the text they will be setting
is longer than the length posted so far.

The layout variable 'indent' might then be initialized to a Scheme 
expression that returns the longer of 'instrument_name_length' and
'default_indent'.  That way a user can take control by explicitly setting 
\layout{ indent = 8\mm }.

Other concerns are, any difference between 'indent' in \layout and \paper
blocks, and making 'default_indent' scale properly with paper size.

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