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Patchy email

From: lilypond-auto
Subject: Patchy email
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2012 11:58:21 +0000
User-agent: Patchy - LilyPond autobuild

10:35:12 (UTC) Begin LilyPond compile, previous commit at       

10:35:14 Merged staging, now at:        65c53165ab3535a9186f501c9a8b454d07c82642

10:35:17        Success:                ./ --noconfigure

10:35:50        Success:                ../configure --disable-optimising

10:36:10        Success:                nice make clean -j2 CPU_COUNT=2

10:43:31        Success:                nice make -j2 CPU_COUNT=2

11:02:56        Success:                nice make test -j2 CPU_COUNT=2

11:58:21 *** FAILED BUILD ***

        nice make doc -j2 CPU_COUNT=2

        Previous good commit:   d459b17897c0218450bfb0bab6403c16705bd17a

        Current broken commit:  65c53165ab3535a9186f501c9a8b454d07c82642

11:58:21 *** FAILED STEP ***

        merge from staging

        Failed runner: nice make doc -j2 CPU_COUNT=2

See the log file log-staging-nice-make-doc--j2-CPU_COUNT=2.txt

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