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Re: maybe we could use as the blog's address?

From: Michel Villeneuve
Subject: Re: maybe we could use as the blog's address?
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2013 23:01:26 +0200

> - Whoever is the admin of would have to:
>   - register/set up the subdomain
>   - edit the nameserver (A-Record) for that subdomain to point to my
> provider's IP
> - Then my server would transparently serve the blog as
> Two aspects have to be considered this way:
> - I would have to become a 'secondary' owner of the domain
> - The yearly domain registration fee would have to be paid twice.

Are you sure of this point?

The owner of can provide any subdomain ( etc.) for free in a simple edition
of the zone file. It's the owner of .org that decided to make the
subdomain available for money.
This principle is recursive : whoever owns can
provide an infinity of subdomains ( ) by editing
a single file.
To say it another way the owner of does not have to
talk to the owner of .org but only to the owner of

For the technical details it's explained here (but it's in french
sorry) by a  french associative internet provider fdn (french data
network) :

Hop it helps.
Disclaimer : I love the idea of, I'm not affiliated
or representing in any way fdn.

Michel Villeneuve

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