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Re: The catastrophe has arrived.

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: The catastrophe has arrived.
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2013 12:09:30 +0200
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Joseph Rushton Wakeling <address@hidden> writes:

> On 25/10/13 11:36, David Kastrup wrote:
>> More like out-of-stylized.  At any rate, incomplete flags actually
>> impede the readability more than once per line.
> Again, if it makes any difference -- remember that this is a release
> with only 6-month max lifecycle, and that non-LTS (long-term-support)
> Ubuntus tend to really be favoured only by the more tech-savvy users.

Shrug.  LilyPond also tends to really be favored only by the more
tech-savvy users.

> Next release will be LTS and should have the fixed metapost.

Who knows?  If they go with "TeXlive2013" as released for lack of a
compelling reason...

David Kastrup

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