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Re: Count MIDI ticks from the beginning of the score, not each staff ind

From: dak
Subject: Re: Count MIDI ticks from the beginning of the score, not each staff independently. (issue 73610044)
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2014 07:54:07 +0000

On 2014/03/29 00:44:17, Devon Schudy wrote:
dak wrote:

> If not (I actually don't know), it seems like making it rather part
> the midi block might be more appropriate.  In which case we would
> need to store it separately as it would then be part of
> performance_->midi_.

Oh, yes, that's much simpler.

...however, while documenting it, I noticed a problem that makes the
feature nearly useless: the speed of MIDI time depends on the tempo,
which isn't set until the beginning of the score, so the extra time is
at some other tempo (probably 4 = 120). It might still be useful to
align multiple tracks generated by Lilypond (but why not generate them
as one file?) or as input to other programs that want time in MIDI
ticks rather than seconds, but it's not much good for aligning the
MIDI to either musical or real time.

Actually, the factors and numbers that the \tempo statements produce in
Midi seem strange (when one tries finding definitions for them) but
that's an entirely different problem.  It would seem that the conversion
of the offset into ticks could happen when the first item is going to be

It's by now abundantly clear that midiStart adds non-trivial additional
complexity to this patch, with problems of its own.  As I suggested
previously: better resubmit this patch without midiStart in it in its
original form (yes, we took a lot of time and work just to arrive at the
same point again) and open a separate issue for midiStart.

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