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PATCHES - countdown for 23rd June - 06:00 GMT

From: James
Subject: PATCHES - countdown for 23rd June - 06:00 GMT
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2014 10:21:45 +0100
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Here is the current patch countdown list. The next countdown will be on June 23rd- 06:00 GMT.

You can always view the most current countdown list here:



David Kastrup: Patch: Report bad return values in user-readable form

David Kastrup: Usage 1.4: \relative inside \unfold doesn't cause an extra staff anymore

Mark Polesky: Two examples of a substitution function with 'padding need changing

Thomas Morley: Parenthesize dots in fretboards



Mark Polesky: Add `'.



Urs Liska: Patch: Issue 3916: Add \alternatingTimeSignatures

Janek Warchoł: Patch: rewrite Self_alignment_interface

Janek Warchoł: Positioning of "8" under clef symbol in G_8 clef

Mike Solomon: Patch: Prevents vertical axis groups with empty skylines

Mike Solomon: Patch: Removes the translate_axis call from axis-group-interface outside-staff positioning.

David Kastrup: Patch: Implement music functions in Scheme rather than C++


Thank you,

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