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Changes.tely updated - 2.19.x up to September 2014 (issue 147860043 by a

From: pkx166h
Subject: Changes.tely updated - 2.19.x up to September 2014 (issue 147860043 by address@hidden)
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2014 09:36:50 +0000

Reviewers: ,

Hello, if those that have put in these recent features and enhancements
that are listed in this checkin to the 'Changes' list can come up with
some minimal examples to illustrate them I'd be very appreciative.

I don't pretend to understand all the enhancements and if you think I
have missed any or some are not appropriate and needn't be listed let me

Changes.tely updated - 2.19.x up to September 2014

Since June 2014.

Added Tracker issues
2245/4005, 2813/3966, 3186, 3734/3825/3834,
4015, 4022, 4038, 4042, 4047, 4056, 4063,
4083, 4086, 4094 and 4097.

Included @lilypond examples where appropriate

Please review this at

Affected files (+90, -0 lines):
  M Documentation/changes.tely

Index: Documentation/changes.tely
diff --git a/Documentation/changes.tely b/Documentation/changes.tely
index 37df7f9f75450e8fc62f7f2ab5837fad4ceb5857..c53b4bbf9cd0c0fb80d5416a35f96429578ad45b 100644
--- a/Documentation/changes.tely
+++ b/Documentation/changes.tely
@@ -60,6 +60,96 @@ which scares away people.
 * only show user-visible changes.

 @end ignore
address@hidden It is now possible to override the @code{text} property of
+chord names.
+\new ChordNames \chordmode {
+  a b c:7
+  \once \override ChorName.text = #"foo"
+  d
address@hidden Improved horizontal alignment when using @code{TextScripts},
+with @code{DymanicTexts} or @code{LyricTexts}.
address@hidden A new command @code{\magnifyStaff} has been added which scales 
+sizes, staff lines, bar lines, beamlets and horizontal spacing generally
+at the @code{Staff} context level.  Staff lines are prevented from being
+scaled smaller than the default since the thickness of stems, slurs, and
+the like are all based on the staff line thickness.
address@hidden @code{InstrumentName} now supports @code{text-interface}.
address@hidden There is now support for controlling the @q{expression level} of
+MIDI channels using the @code{Staff.midiExpression} context property.
+The property accepts a number value between @code{0.0} and @code{1.0}.
+\score {
+  \new Staff \with {
+    midiExpression = #0.3
+    midiInstrument = #"clarinet"
+  }
+  @dots{} music @dots{}
+  \midi { }
address@hidden example
address@hidden It is now much easier for LilyPond to use alternative @q{music}
+fonts other than the default Ementaler.
address@hidden Grobs and their parents can now be aligned separately allowing
+more flxeibility for grob positions.  For example the @q{left} edge of a
+grob can now be aligned on the @q{center} of its parent.
address@hidden Improvements to the @code{\partial} command have been made to
+avoid problems when using multiple, parallel contexts -- including bar
address@hidden Numbers attached to clefs(indicating clef transposition) are now
+aligned seperately rather than simply centered against the clef glyph.
address@hidden @code{\chordmode} can now use @code{< >} and @code{<< >>}
address@hidden The @code{NullVoice} context is now @q[below} @code{Score}.
address@hidden Improvements made to smob functionality. Basic smob types
address@hidden, @code{Smob2} and @code{Smob} with minimal data
+requirements and no separate representation on the heap can be created
+and they can now be called like functions.
+A new command @code{\tagGroup} has now been added.  This compliments
+the existing @code{\keepWithTag} and @code{removeWithTag} commands.  For
+\tagGroup #'(violinI violinII viola cello)
address@hidden example
+declares a list of @q{tags} that belong to a single @q{tag group}.
address@hidden example
+Is now only concerned with @q{tags} from @q{violinI}'s tag group.
+Any element of the included music tagged with one or more tags from the
+group, but @emph{not} with @var{violinI}, will be removed.
+The @code{\addlyrics} function now works with arbitrary contexts
+incuding @code{Staff}.
address@hidden grobs now ignore other grobs that do not use the
address@hidden interface.
 The @code{thin-kern} property of the @code{BarLine} grob has been
 renamed to @code{segno-kern}.

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