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Re: guilev2-work [was: LilyPond boolean syntax? \true and \false]

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Re: guilev2-work [was: LilyPond boolean syntax? \true and \false]
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 2016 20:42:17 +0100

Current state:

2016-01-08 23:06 GMT+01:00 Thomas Morley <address@hidden>:
>> 2016-01-05 21:54 GMT+01:00 David Kastrup <address@hidden>:
>> I don't know what the current Guile-2.0 situation is, but compiling
>> Guile-2.1 (namely master) is insane.  It takes about a day on my
>> computer.
> Took me ~8h
> Now I'm at:
> ~$ cd ../../usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/guile-2.0/bin
> address@hidden /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/guile-2.0/bin$ ./guile
> GNU Guile 2.0.11

Correction. The above mentioned guilev2 is _not_ the one I compiled
myself. Don't know where it comes from.

I found the correct one in:

~$ cd guile/meta/
address@hidden ~/guile/meta (master)$ ./guile
GNU Guile


> Next step would be (trying) to compile LilyPond with guilev2, right?
> There is an option to do that, I vaguely remember. Let's see, if I find it ...

2016-01-08 23:52 GMT+01:00 David Kastrup <address@hidden>:
> --with-guilev2 I think, but it's mentioned when doing ./configure --help
> But you have to point it to your guilev2 libraries somehow.

Up to now I couldn't figure how to do so.

Thus, and to avoid any 64-bit-problems I've set up newest LilyDev.
Installing guilev2 there.

$ guile-2.0
GNU Guile 2.0.11

I managed to run
../configure --enable-guile2
without error and got a successful build with simple `make'

The very first file I then tried to compile contained nothing else then:

\version "2.19.36"
{ c''1 }

And already a problem. See attached cut-off png.

I think it's one of the encoding problems you already mentioned,
causing ly:wide-char->utf-8 not to work properly.

ly:wide-char->utf-8 is directly used in markup-commands \char (as
already said) and \concat, as well as in \tagline and (but commented)
in some definitions of

ly:wide-char->utf-8 seems to be defined in lily/

1. Does it make sense to proceed with GNU Guile 2.0.11 or should I try
to get GNU Guile to work?
2. What does the patch you mentioned cure already?
3. We have a branch
Makes sense to checkout it?
(It should, ofcourse, I'll test tomorrow)

Well, that's my current state, to tired to continue today.

So far, cheers,

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