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Re: text-replacements: add ä and the like (issue 281470043 by addre

From: Simon Albrecht
Subject: Re: text-replacements: add ä and the like (issue 281470043 by address@hidden)
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2016 13:00:13 +0100
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On 22.01.2016 11:12, David Kastrup wrote:
Simon Albrecht <address@hidden> writes:

On 22.01.2016 02:13, Dan Eble wrote:
text-replacements: add &auml; and the like
Provides aliases auml,Auml,ouml,Ouml,uuml,Uuml
They were wanted by a user, so why not provide them?
I don’t want my observation to hold back this change if everyone
else likes it, but this looks like a slippery slope.
What’s the danger that you see?
There is a whole lot of character entities in Unicode.  Several hundreds
of thousands I think.

Of course, but 99,9% of them are much less common than äöü. The current set provided seems somewhat arbitrary anyway.

The alternative would be to deprecate using this input method.

Well, if a user wants to use ä in his lyrics, but there is no text-replacements alias, then text-replacements won’t be an option anymore. Currently, it’s in no usable state for languages like Swedish and German. And if somebody without ü on their keyboard wants to type in German lyrics, then &uuml; is probably the easiest way to get it, unless they use an IDE like Frescobaldi, with a ‘Special characters’ panel, where it might only require one click. But then they wouldn’t need text-replacements anyway.

Yours, Simon

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