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Getting oriented

From: Redwood (Daniel)
Subject: Getting oriented
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2016 09:12:24 -0700

[I’m attempting to improve the midi output from the c++ code…]

Still getting oriented. Here’s what I need help with:

1) getting the guile REPL to start when the midi performer begins, so I can 
inspect the music objects (not the engraver objects).
I’ve gotten the REPL to start after lilypond begins, but here’s what I’m 
currently getting

Parsing...guile> (set-current-module lilypond-module)
#<directory (guile-user) b4f36e00>

Then I’m not sure what to do? I try this:

standard input:2:2: In expression (unquote locals):
standard input:2:2: Unbound variable: unquote
ABORT: (unbound-variable)

2)  I try debugging from within C++

(gdb) b Performance::output
Breakpoint 1 at 0x82d6750: file, line 72.
(gdb) r
Breakpoint 1, Performance::output (this=0x87a74f0, midi_stream=..., 
    performance_name="") at
(gdb) p *this
$1 = {<Music_output> = {<Smob<Music_output>> = {<Smob_core> = {
        self_scm_ = 0xb2915d30}, <Smob_base<Music_output>> = {
        static smob_tag_ = 14975, static scm_init_ = {static list_ = 
    0x84c3edc <Smob_base<Scale>::scm_init_>, fun_ = 0x80e12b0
          next_ = 0x84bd090 <Smob_base<Paper_outputter>::scm_init_>}, 
        static smob_name_ = "Music_output"}, protection_cons_ = 0x404}, 
    _vptr.Music_output = 0x83cc308 <vtable for Performance+8>, 
    static type_p_name_ = "ly:music-output?"}, 
  audio_staffs_ = std::vector of length 2, capacity 2 = {0x87a6a18, 
    0x87a6c88}, audio_elements_ = std::vector of length 18, capacity 32 = {
    0x87a6a18, 0x865a798, 0x865a7b0, 0x865a900, 0x865c3b0, 0x865c4b0, 
    0x865c4f0, 0x865a8e8, 0x87a4838, 0x87a6cf8, 0x87a6c88, 0x865caf0, 
    0x865cd38, 0x865c910, 0x865c700, 0x865c788, 0x865ce30, 0x865c660}, midi_ = 
    0x87a4ff0, ports_ = false, header_ = 0x404}

My guess is that most of these raw numbers are actually scheme objects, which I 
don’t know how to debug.

Advice would be appreciated.


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