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Re: make doc still fails - problem with lilypond-book - was: Still canno

From: Masamichi Hosoda
Subject: Re: make doc still fails - problem with lilypond-book - was: Still cannot make doc
Date: Sat, 04 Jun 2016 22:12:18 +0900 (JST)

> In addition, the following command sequence succeeds:
> lilypond-book aaa-lilybook-test.lytex
> latex aaa-lilybook-test.tex
> dvips aaa-lilybook-test.dvi
> ps2pdf
> evince aaa-lilybook-test.pdf
> is >16MB again, though.

Thank you for your results.

If I understand correctly, it's a ghostscript issue.

Ghostscript might not be able to handle IPAex fonts that you used.

Using lilypond-book with `--pdf' option invokes lilypond
with `-dgs-load-fonts' option.
LilyPond with `-dgs-load-fonts' option generates ps file
which is embedded font filename only.
Without the option, the ps file is embedded font glyphs.

If the glyphs are embedded, ghostscript works fine.
However, if filename are embedded, ghostscript may not work fine.

In the case of IPAex fonts,
embedded filename brings the ghostscript error.
But, for IPA fonts which are another Japanese fonts,
embedded filename works fine.

The GUB environment uses IPA fonts instead of IPAex fonts.
So there is no problem.

Would you try the following commands?

$ sudo apt-get install fonts-ipafont-mincho
$ sudo apt-get install fonts-ipafont-gothic

IPA fonts are `IPA Mincho' (Japanese serif font)
and `IPA Gothic' (Japanese sans serif font).
By default, fontconfig takes precedence over the IPA fonts than IPAex fonts.

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