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Re: make doc still fails - problem with lilypond-book - was: Still canno

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Re: make doc still fails - problem with lilypond-book - was: Still cannot make doc
Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2016 21:08:28 +0200

2016-06-04 15:12 GMT+02:00 Masamichi Hosoda <address@hidden>:
>> In addition, the following command sequence succeeds:
>> lilypond-book aaa-lilybook-test.lytex
>> latex aaa-lilybook-test.tex
>> dvips aaa-lilybook-test.dvi
>> ps2pdf
>> evince aaa-lilybook-test.pdf
>> is >16MB again, though.
> Thank you for your results.
> If I understand correctly, it's a ghostscript issue.
> Ghostscript might not be able to handle IPAex fonts that you used.
> Using lilypond-book with `--pdf' option invokes lilypond
> with `-dgs-load-fonts' option.
> LilyPond with `-dgs-load-fonts' option generates ps file
> which is embedded font filename only.
> Without the option, the ps file is embedded font glyphs.
> If the glyphs are embedded, ghostscript works fine.
> However, if filename are embedded, ghostscript may not work fine.
> In the case of IPAex fonts,
> embedded filename brings the ghostscript error.
> But, for IPA fonts which are another Japanese fonts,
> embedded filename works fine.
> The GUB environment uses IPA fonts instead of IPAex fonts.
> So there is no problem.

Thanks a lot for your research and findings!

> Would you try the following commands?
> $ sudo apt-get install fonts-ipafont-mincho
> $ sudo apt-get install fonts-ipafont-gothic
> IPA fonts are `IPA Mincho' (Japanese serif font)
> and `IPA Gothic' (Japanese sans serif font).
> By default, fontconfig takes precedence over the IPA fonts than IPAex fonts.

As of
I had uninstalled Noto and instead installed IPA fonts _and_ IPAex fonts.
After uninstalling IPAex fonts - first the test-case worked and now I
have success on a full `make doc'.

Any chance to get a more meaningful error-message?
Or is there any criterion we could select such problematic fonts?

Again many thanks,

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