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Re: Optional fraction after \afterGrace command (issue 304200043 by addr

From: mark . opus11
Subject: Re: Optional fraction after \afterGrace command (issue 304200043 by address@hidden)
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2016 01:17:46 -0700

On 2016/07/22 07:55:54, dak wrote:
On 2016/07/22 07:41:00, wrote:
> On 2016/07/22 04:26:01, lemzwerg wrote:
> > LGMT. Thanks a lot!
> Might it be a good idea to keep one example using the old define
method, which
> is still more convenient for setting the value for multiple usages
> \afterGrace (or globally)?

Frankly, I decided against doing so since redefining parser behavior
resetting a global variable controlling its behavior in the middle of
a music
expression is a complete abomination.  This is different to how
\tupletSpan (or
its equivalent \override) works since \tupletSpan becomes a _part_ of
the music

I appreciate that reasoning, however the ability to set global behaviour
is one
of lilypond's major strengths - if overriding a default has to be
entered at every
usage of \afterGrace then we are back to making changes with sed

The default value of 3/4 is almost always not appropriate, and I
regularly set this globally after entering the music to find a suitable

Perhaps afterGraceFraction could be somehow included in graceSettings or
some other property of the Voice context?

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