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Re: add choral and choral-cautionary accidental style (issue311430043by

From: Alexander Kobel
Subject: Re: add choral and choral-cautionary accidental style (issue311430043by address@hidden)
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2016 16:51:08 +0100
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On 2016-12-15 13:34, Trevor Daniels wrote:
Alexander, you wrote Wednesday, December 14, 2016 11:49 PM

yes, I guess I never asked to be on that list. My last commit was
pre-Rietveld and pre-Allura, I think; and it's unlikely that
contributions from my side will come more often in the foreseeable
future (except for one more patch "in the pipeline", waiting for a
cleanup and documentation).
So I guess it's not really worth to give me any other status than other
occasional users. On the other hand, do whatever is the most convenient
for you - handling a lonesome patch every other year manually or adding me.

Adding you to the dev list is very little work, but you do have to
get a SourceForge id and tell me what it is for me to do that.

James probably is willing to undertake the work of creating an
issue and servicing it on your behalf, but if you yourself are not
known to Allura you will not be able to contribute to any discussion
on _any_ issue - including those James has created on your behalf.

Okay, makes sense. In this case, I guess it's reasonable to add me no matter how much (or little) I will participate. I created an SF account with username akobel.


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