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Re: [PATCH [uploaded to Rietveld]] Automatic lyric extenders

From: Alexander Kobel
Subject: Re: [PATCH [uploaded to Rietveld]] Automatic lyric extenders
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2016 02:00:08 +0100
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On 2016-12-26 01:01, Alexander Kobel wrote:
On 2016-12-26 00:38, Trevor Daniels wrote:
I attach a recent example - very Christmassy!

Nice one, thanks.
Note that, due to the fixed voice association to soprano in the SATB
template, you should manually left-align the syllables where the bass
has 8.( 16).
And I love the fact that lyrics assigned to a Staff instead of a Voice
(news around 2.19.50) easily allow to align the { King. __ } and {
mould. __ } to the left e' note of the alto instead of the shifted one
in soprano...
Sorry, I meant to write { King. } and { mould. }, of course. ;-)

Oh well, it's late. I didn't spot measure 7, with the 8( 8) in alto. Same there. And, of course, you should have an extender there in the second verse, and you should have extenders in measure 1 (was/was/shall) an measure 9 (shall/shall/was); but that's a limitation of the satb-template (or, rather, a lack of voice assignment) that's beyond this patch to correct.

In fact, to solve this, one would need a simultaneous assignment of the lyrics to all four voices they apply to. Basically, a \addlyrics \lyricsto ChoirStaff.

... Wait, wasn't there recent news that the "\addlyrics function now works with *arbitrary contexts* incuding Staff" [emphasis mine]?!

Unfortunately: see the attached version.

Yes, \lyricsto ChoirStaff actually works to some degree - however, no extenders at all are printed with this construct. Extenders /are/ shown when lyrics are assigned to a Staff; not sure what the difference is, and what needs to be adjusted internally to make it work. Note that the automatic extender patch is not the culprit; output is similar in 2.19.50 except for tiny extenders that are deleted due to collapse-length.

Too late now to condense this to a proper bug report - good night...

(Note 1 to whom it may concern, including myself: once this works, the satb and ssaattbb templates should be changed to associate the Verse* lyrics with the entire ChoirStaff, and *Lyrics with the corresponding Staff per default.)

(Note 2 to whom it may concern, including myself: we should have auto extender regtests for \lyricsto ctx = name, for at least ctx = Voice, Staff, ChoirStaff.)


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