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Re: Automatic LyricExtenders (issue 313240043 by address@hidden)

From: pkx166h
Subject: Re: Automatic LyricExtenders (issue 313240043 by address@hidden)
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2016 11:14:00 -0800

On 2016/12/25 21:53:55, akobel wrote:
On 2016/12/25 15:43:05, wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> > I'm only 90% happy about "" and \markup\null...
> > For dynamic spanners and hairpins, we have \! to end them
> > before a "natural" end event appears.  Is this similar enough to
> > the use of the same token (i.e., \! would be translated to empty
> > with a CompletizeExtenderEvent), and is it possible at all?
> > should we have a special token for this (\. comes to my mind)?
> >
> The use of "" and  \markup\null is nothing new, so it needs to be
correctly anyway.
> It's possible to move a \markup\null to the left or right, therefore
it is
useful for \earlyExtender.
> If this property is not needed "" will be used as it is much easier
to type.
If \! or something similar
> would be provided for the same purpose almost everybody probably
still would
use the faster "".

Granted. Didn't think of that, probably because I can't remember
having ever
used either.

> __ meant "add an extender event", this is meaningless with the
proposed patch
> an extender event is added after every syllable. To increase
compatibility I
feel that it
> _never_ should be reused for anything.

Okay. I was considering that in case we could make \autoExtenderOff to
revert to
the previous behavior.
But on second though, there is hardly any use for that, and it creates
confusion than it's worth.

Bottom line: I withdraw both proposals.

Can you then re-submit a new patch or delete the one(s) that are

I don't know what has and what has not been tested for sure, as far as I
can tell only patch set 1 has been tested which had a slew of warning
messages during the reg test output that I don't know are expected,
desirable or something else.



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